This year has been so crazy and so much has happened. With everything going on whether its corona, police brutality, racism, or whatever other challenges this year throws at us we believe that if we want to make it through all of this and see actual progress we have to be able to come together and start looking at things from the perspective of everyone against the problem rather than everyone against each other. The together project is focused on bringing people together in some of the craziest of times. All the proceeds of the movement will go to the My Hood My Block My City Foundation who provides underprivileged youth with an awareness of the world beyond their neighborhood. Their mission is to help teenagers overcome the poverty and isolation they face, boosting educational attainment and opening them to opportunities that make differences.





"I'm a sophomore student at Texas A&M and came up with the idea to start the together project about a week after the George Floyd incident. Our world has become so divided and is filled with so much hate right now and I hated the feeling of being a bystander and just complaining about problems rather than actually looking for solutions. I've been working everyday since then to get this project to where it is now and i'm extremely excited to see what the future holds." -Nicholas Keller

"I'm a sophomore student at Texas A&M. Nick reached out to me soon after starting this project and I loved the idea and wanted to help out in any way I could" -Jack Davidson